About Rachel Wheatley

Thanks for visiting my Portfolio.

  • I am an emerging artist and designer. 
  • I am definitely a creative person who is passionate about designing and creating.
  • I believe in being spontaneous and letting it lead your art and designs.
  • I love colour!
  • I have been experimenting with pink tones and researching their effect on our state of mind and emotions.  Generally I have been researching colour in fashion and interiors to understand it's effect on our well being.
  • I love pale colours and the ambience they create of coolness  and tranquility.
  • My paintings have been investigations into the meditative nature of colour. This was part of my design proposal for the Master of Design I am currently studying.
  • Designing textile and modern jewellery runs parallel to my painting. Colours, pattern and design are integral.  I have been experimenting and researching ways of recycling vintage kimono silk to be used in necklaces and other accessories.
  • The friendship bracelet installation emerged out of a design project to use repetition. Friendship bracelets are from my childhood and are attached to happy memories of growing up in New Zealand.  The eight friendship bracelets represent friendship over time, losing contact, arguments, not talking, reuniting and breaking away.  The element of shadow-play was unexpectedly discovered while taking photographs of the installation.  This phenemona gives depth to the composition of the installation.
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